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A Joint Meeting of Investors for the 3rd Ideas Bazaar in the Field of Food & Beverages was Held at Amirkabir University of Technology

 | Post date: 2020/02/15 | 
A joint meeting of investors in the field of food and beverages was held with the attendance of Dr. Hossein Vatanpour, Director of the Health Technology Office of the Ministry of Health, at Amirkabir University of Technology.
Dr. Vatanpour said: "In such gatherings for sharing ideas, students learn group work.”
Meanwhile, Mohammad Naderi, director of the Amirkabir “Idea Bazaar” said: “There are many technologies in universities, but there is no proper mechanism designed for these technologies to be introduced into the industry, and “Idea Bazaars” provide such mechanisms.”
He added: “Idea Bazaar provide the appropriate platform for industries to mention their needs to universities.” He stressed: “Amirkabir University of Technology is one of the most successful universities in the country regarding its relation with industry.”