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Central Reserach Laboratory

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AUT Central Laboratory

The Central Laboratory of Amirkabir University of Technology is an inimitable collection of modern laboratory equipment supported by more than half a century of academic and research experience of the professors of the university; which has been developed to provide research services to students, faculty members, researchers and industry and is able to present the modern, economical, and high-quality laboratory services researchers demand, in line with the latest national and international standards.
Central laboratory of AUT has been operating as the reference specialized and advanced laboratory for more than 10 years with advanced and precise devices, and is currently collaborating with more than 60 laboratories at different faculties and institutes. Laboratories of X-ray, electron microscope, vacuum and sputtering, optical measurements, vibrations, graphene and advanced materials, nanotechnology, fuel cells and solar cells, quantometer and acoustic properties measurements are some of its laboratories. Services provided in these labs include measuring, analyzing the results of obtained experimental data, consultation on sample analysis, analyzing research projects, and providing some additional facilities and equipment for researchers and research fellows of different universities and industries.
Currently the AUT’s central Laboratory is the definitive member of the Iran High-Tech Laboratory Network (LabsNet) and the Laboratory Network of Strategic Technologies.
Therefore, all the students, researchers and faculty members of the universities and higher education institutes who have discounts in the laboratory network of Iran High-Tech Laboratory Network and the Laboratory Network of Strategic Technologies can now use these types of discounts in the labs covered by the Laboratory Services System of AUT.
In addition AUT's Laboratory Service System provides different discounts for various scientific and industrial groups. Users can familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of these discounts through our social networks.
Our Vision and Mission:
  • Providing laboratory services with the national and international standards to researchers and research units;
  • Optimal use of facilities, material and equipment available in laboratories and research units;
  • Help to improve the quality of scientific productions and accrediting the results of university’s researchers;
  • Providing the possibility of using laboratory services of research units for all academic and industrial users;
  • Providing financial independence for laboratories through the provision of laboratory revenue services;
  • Establishing an appropriate infrastructure for collaboration between university research and industry;
  • Establishing an appropriate infrastructure to encourage laboratories to join and collaborate with the network of national laboratories.
Services to Member Laboratories:
  • Supporting the trainings of lab experts;
  • Supporting the repair of laboratory equipment;
  • Manage Purchasing from the Exhibition of Equipment and Materials of Iran Manufacturing Laboratories
  • Tracking and supporting the establishment of Health, Safety and Environmental requirements (HSE) in laboratories;
  • Following up and supporting the establishments of ISO 17025 requirements in laboratories;

Address: Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Hafez St., Tehran, Iran
Postal code: 1591639675
Call Number: (+98) (21) 64545424