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Matchmaking Workshop in Nanofibers Science, Startups and Exhibition at AUT

 | Post date: 2020/02/19 | 
Since the establishment of its international affairs office, Amirkabir University of Technology has successfully held three scientific matchmaking workshops with the German Research Foundation (DFG), the French Scientific Research Institute (CNRS) and the Swiss Federal Education, Research and Innovation Board (SERI) by the Office of Scientific and International Cooperation and is proud to have very impressive results, including 8 elemental grants for project defined and one major project-related grant obtained by Amirkabir University faculty members and German counterparts from DFG Institute which ranks first among the country’s universities.
In 2018, the Office of Scientific and International Cooperation of Amirkabir University of Technology initiated the development of the Executive Document and obtained the necessary approval from the board of Directors and in October of that year successfully held the first international scientific matchmaking workshop at AUT. At this event, 90 local and foreign participants attended from more than 13 countries. There was also a diversity of 22 universities and colleges which were organized in 5 working groups.
To this end, the Nanofiber Technology Scientific Matchmaking Workshop is planned on 22nd and 23rd of February 2020 in three parts: startup, exhibition and match finding to create an industrial research attitude and convergence of research activities for the faculty members of Amirkabir University of Technology. The match finding, startup and exhibition tries to enrich the network by identifying and connecting people to make this gathering more productive.
At the event, the Applied Nanotechnology Industrialization Center (ICAN) and the Amirkabir International Center for Convergence (AMBER) are also collaborating with Amirkabir University of Technology as event sponsors. ICAN has shaped new fields of collaboration in the process of technology development by providing an appropriate framework for the creation and development of technological collaboration between researchers and manufacturers of production equipment in the field of nanotechnology. This process leads to the development of a new product or application in the field of nanotechnology and the final product is delivered to the industry where the industrial infrastructure and technology platform owner company, researcher and industry will benefit from the material and spiritual achievements of this partnership.