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“Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Classic Technology and Advanced Oxidation” Book

 | Post date: 2020/03/14 | 
According to the public relation of AUT, “Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Classic Technology and Advanced Oxidation” book by Dr. Aref Shakeri, is published by Amirkabir University publication.
The preface of this books says:
“The expansion of the industry and development of human activities in various aspects of life in recent years caused the introduction of biodegradable and resistant pollutants to the environment and especially water resources. These pollutants cannot be eliminated to the required extent by the classic methods, and these methods generally transport pollutants from one phase to another, thus using the novel processes that can completely destroy them and do not provide secondary pollution will be necessary. One of the important new processes in the treatment of new pollutants is the advanced oxidation processes. One of the most important problems, especially for graduate students in their research is the lack of Persian resources for explaining and describing the advanced oxidation processes. Therefore, it is hoped that publishing this book will be beneficial to the students and experts in this field. The contents of this book are derived from years of experiments and research on various industries wastewaters. I thank the colleagues and readers who send me their valuable comments at aref.shokri3gmail.com to help me solve the book’s problem in advance.