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Achieved by AUT Researchers: Using Wind Energy for Passages Lighting/ Taken from Simulated Airplane Wing

 | Post date: 2020/03/14 | 

According to public relation of the Amirkabir University of Technology: Amirarsalan Rouzbeh the presenter of the project entitled “Production of a piezoelectric tissueless layer capable of converting air blown energy into electrical energy” said: “In this project we studied piezoelectric characteristic with the use of produced voltage due to wind blowing in PVDF nanotexture layer”.
“In this project the main focus was on production of piezoelectric layer capable of excitement by wind flow. In this study, we produced the piezoelectric layer with two methods of blowing wind to the simulated aircraft wing and armed raised flag with produced layer”, said the Amirkabir University of Technology researcher.
He mentioned to the result of the project and indicated: “we could achieve noticeable electric output in various wind speeds by exciting the existing nanogenerators in the piezoelectric layer”.
According to him, the main application of this project is in aerospace industry and especially light UAVs with a high range endurance for maintaining their energy and self-charging.
A major part of this project was completed with the help of the laboratories of aerospace engineering department.
It is worth mentioning that this project has been implemented with the supervision of professors Dr. Rouhollah Bagherzadeh and Dr. Massoud Latifi.