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Production of Smart Thermal Textiles by Researchers of Amirkabir University of Technology

 | Post date: 2020/04/11 | 
According to the public relations of AUT, Arash Nazem Bushehri, the project manager of "Smart Thermal Textiles" at Amirkabir University of Technology, said: "The purpose of this project has been to make a fabric that can create heat in cold climates."
The AUT graduate, stating that the thermal range of this textile is adjustable, noted: The prototype of this fabric has been made but has not yet entered mass production and has not been industrialized. The temperature of the fabric can be increased to more than 35 degrees Celsius and after the fabric reaches the set degree, the temperature increase will stop automatically.
It is worth mentioning that this project has been carried out with the guidance of Dr. Nazanin Ezazshahabi and Dr. Mohammad Amani.