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Takeaways from the book “a critical look at Harvard University”

 | Post date: 2019/08/13 | 
Since their incipience universities have gone through many epochs. In today’s competitive world and considering the cultural and economic transformations taking place in various countries universities are held accountable and responsible towards society. To this effect different universities having their potentials and missions in mind are continuously striving to find the weaknesses of their current situations and giving solutions as to prosper through their dearth. The university’s center for strategical studies and planning in an attempt to ease and encourage the use of other universities’ experience in fields such as education, research, students and management has published their takeaways from the book “ a critical look at Harvard university”.
There is hope that this plan of using others’ experience will be found instrumental in changing and updating views and approaches to different fields in building the foundations the university needs in order to achieve its goals. To see the file in question click here.