Advanced Scaffold Laboratory

 | Post date: 2020/06/2 | 

Supervisor: Dr. Rana Imani

The laboratory research areas focus on design and development of advanced scaffolds for the engineering of various tissue types, relying on new tissue engineering approaches.
The main areas of research activities of this laboratory include:
  • Design and synthesis of bio-structured engineering scaffolds
  • Design and synthesis of Nano / micro drug and gene delivery systems for tissue engineering purposes

  • Design and synthesis of hybrid / composite scaffolds containing drug and gene delivery systems to accelerate tissue repair
  • Design and synthesis of injectable and in-situ hydrogels for use in refereed controlled release systems and tissue engineering scaffolds
  • Design and synthesis of conductive scaffolds for tissue and nerve tissue engineering
  • Development of bio-inks for use in bio-printing
Facilities: Microcenrifuge (15000 rpm)/ stirrer


If you are interested in collaborating with this research lab, you can contact Dr. Rana Imani (

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