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Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Moeini
Address: Introduction:
Nanomedicine Lab established in 2018 at Biomedical engineering department of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). In this Laboratory, the main field of research focuses on the application of nanostructures in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Two main areas of researches in this laboratory are:
1 ) Nanocomposite hydrogels for soft tissue engineering
Hydrogels are usually the most suitable choice for soft tissue engineering, such as brain tissue. Adding nanostructures to hydrogels in different methods can improve their performance. Nanostructures can be used to modify the chemical or physical properties of hydrogels or as bioactive agents to improve cell behavior. Nanostructures can be used to control the release of bioactive agents or to create patterns or chemical and physical gradients in hydrogels to obtain the appropriate cellular response. Furthermore, by combining with external stimuli such as laser beams or magnetic fields, the release of bioactive agents or the creation of chemical or physical patterns can be controlled. In addition, Laser beams and magnetic fields along with appropriate nanostructures can be used to exert physical or chemical stimulation (such as intermittent deformation or pulsed release of bioactive agents). In addition to the above, self-assembling structures can be used to regeneration of tissue and to produce of injectable gels at the site (carrier and drug) (which become gels after in vivo injection).

2- ) Smart nanostructures for targeted diagnosis and treatment
Smart design of nanostructures allows targeting specific tissues or cells. This subject provides the opportunity to study the physiology and pathophysiology of tissue, early diagnosis of disease or tissue degeneration and targeted treatment of various diseases.


If you are interested in collaborating with this research lab, you can contact Dr. Mohammad Moeini (

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