Warp-Knitting Workshop

 | Post date: 2020/06/21 | 
Warp Knitting Workshop
Warp knitting is defined as a loop forming process in which the yarns are supplied to the knitting zone in an axial direction. In warp knitting, every needle is supplied with at least one separate yarn. In order to connect the loops to form a fabric, the yarns are joined together moving widthwise direction between the needles. The purpose of this workshop is to carry out educational and research activities.
Coordinator of group: Prof. Majid Safar Johari
Workshop Supervisor: Prof. A. A. Jeddi
Workshop Technician: Mr. Hossein Molavi
Workshop Location: No. 010, -1 floor, Textile Eng. Dept.
Contacts:  Tel. +98 (21) 64542663
Email: ajeddiaut.ac.ir