Clothing Design Workshop

 | Post date: 2020/06/21 | 
Clothing Design Workshop
Supervisor: Dr. Fatemeh Mousazadegan
Technician: Mr. Sobhan Nazari
Telephone: +98(21)64542610
Location: Textile Engineering Department, Ninth Floor, Rm905
Clothing design is one of the most important added value parts of the clothing manufacturing process. The significance of this issue is such that even clothing engineers cannot ignore it. In this workshop, students of clothing engineering get acquainted with practical design basics include concept of line, point, color and fabric type and their influence on the clothing appearance and individual’s perception and then they design all kinds of men and women's clothing. Introduction of how to design clothes for special occasions such as Clothing Design for day, night, sports, jobs and so on. In addition, Familiarity with influential factors such as color, season, gender, and segmentation groups are some of the goals of this workshop.