Spinning Workshop

 | Post date: 2020/06/21 | 
Spinning Workshop
 Spinning is the process of converting textile fibers into yarn. Nowadays, spinning involves many methods and different machines, depending on what kind of yarn is being made. Spinning is a major part of the textile industry. In simple words, spinning is a process in which we convert fibers by passing through certain processes like Blow room, Carding, Drawing, Combing, Ring Frame. These yarns are then wound onto the cones. The purpose of this workshop is to carry out educational and research activities.
Coordinator of group: Prof. Majid Safar Johari
Workshop Supervisor: Dr. Sayed Abolfazl Mirdehghan
Workshop Technician: Mr. Mehdi Talebi
Workshop Location: No. 0010, (-1) floor, Textile Eng. Dept.
Contacts:  Tel. +98 (21) 64542669
Email: mirdehghanaut.ac.ir