Fusing Workshop

 | Post date: 2020/06/21 | 
Fusing Workshop
Supervisor: Dr. Fatemeh Mousazadegan
Technician: Mr. Sobhan Nazari
Telephone: +98(21)64542610
Location: Textile Engineering Department, Ninth Floor, Rm907
This workshop includes fusing and ironing of the clothing. In other words, fusing and pressing processes that students learn about in this workshop, have a critical effect on the clothing quality.
 In addition to the introduction of fusing and ironing mechanisms and applications, students work with various types of interlinings. By doing quality control tests, it is possible to identify the effective parameters such as pressure, temperature and fusing time on the fused fabric property in order to optimize them.  This workshop will be equipped with more related machines in the future.
In addition to educational activities, this workshop is also to do research activities of different educational level.