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AUT Researchers: Designing an Intellectual System for Estimation of Body Health from the Eyes

 | Post date: 2020/07/1 | 
Sheida Mirlou, an MSc student in medical information engineering at AUT and the executer of the “designing an intellectual system for estimating the status of diseases from the eye image” project stated: examining the health of a body from the eyes is not a new subject. Our aim is to design an intellectual system to identify the arteriosclerosis disease in individuals using their eye images.
She also stated that: we concluded that we can identify the disease from the iris with an accuracy of 93%. In this investigation, 96 patients and 83 healthy people were examined.   
It has to be stated that the supervisor of this project was Dr. Farzad Tohidkhah, a full professor and faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology. This plan was also carried out with cooperation of Dr. Abbas Soleimani, head of cardiovascular department of Sina Educational, Research, and Treatment Center (Sina Hospital). Mrs. Dr. Golnaz Baghdadi, post-doctoral student of AUT, and Mrs. Roya Hemmatpour, iridologist at Traditional Medicine Pishgaman Institution as well as representative of University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia contributed to this research.