Capabilities and Facilities

 | Post date: 2020/07/23 | 

The ATMT plays a key role in research and development and transformation of the latest innovations and know-how into industry to commercialized its projects or collaborate with industrial users around the world. The Institute helps textile companies meet product development objectives through access to the Institute’s research projects and testing facilities at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) in captal city Tehran.

The Institute’s facilities include laboratories dedicated to textile characterization and testing from polymer, fiber, yarn, fabric to the finished products. Analytical facilities offer the ability to analyze and evaluate materials performance according to many industry specific standard test methods.

Some of the key Laboratories are includeing:

  • High Performance Fibrous Structrure LAB:
    • Piezoelectric & sensor Evaluation Instrument (Piezotester): A piezoelectric sensor is a device that uses the piezoelectric effect, to measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain, or force by converting them to an electrical charge).
    • Spin coating: (Spin coating is a procedure used to deposit uniform thin films onto flat substrates. Usually a small amount of coating material is applied on the center of the substrate, which is either spinning at low speed or not spinning at all. The substrate is then rotated at high speed in order to spread the coating material by centrifugal force.)
    • Electrospinning: (Electrospinning is a fiber production method which uses electric force to draw charged threads of polymer solutions or polymer melts up to fiber diameters in the order of some hundred nanometers.)
    • 3D Printing Machine: The term 3D printing covers a variety of processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object,[1] with material being added together (such as liquid molecules or powder grains being fused together), typically layer by layer.
  • Pilot-plant scale Melt-Spinning set up

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