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In a Tech Company Located in Amirkabir Technology Tower: Portable Multipurpose Power Bank Invented to Facilitate Charging Various Portable Telecommunication and Filming Gadgets

 | Post date: 2020/09/5 | 
Researchers of the company “Behine Sazan Tose-eh PayaFan”, located at Amirkabir Technology Tower, have devised a portable multipurpose power bank. Regarding the designed power bank, Mohammadali Vakilian, CEO of this knowledge-based company, said, “The gadget, recommended by an external employer and industry, has been made to facilitate charging various portable telecommunication devices (such as cell phones, various classes, telecommunication radios, etc.) filming equipment (such as cameras, etc.).” According to him, this gadget has successfully passed initial practical tests and is now ready for mass production upon employer’s order.