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 | Post date: 2020/09/6 | 
Centuries have passed and the beautiful waves of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman on the coasts of Iran's civilization have preserved the historical pulse of the commercial arteries of human society. Today, the role of life in the azure waters of the Islamic Republic of Iran has doubled with the increasing dynamism of the needs of the international community and the expansion of international relations, and this position has its requirements. Industries equipped with modern technology, specialized and creative human resources, appropriate infrastructure and a healthy environment are necessary for the optimal service of the country to human society.
Hormozgan province, due to its unique maritime geography and rich culture of its people, is the host of the country's largest customs, extensive economic and industrial special areas, vast agricultural lands and many light and heavy industries. Thus, this region has become the center of industry and transportation of the country and the center of sea-based development of Islamic Iran.
       In the heart of Hormozgan province, the coastal campus of Amirkabir University of Technology, the cradle of Iran's marine industry exists. Training specialized manpower, problem-oriented research in industry, establishing international scientific and technological connections, promoting knowledge-based technologies and unremitting efforts in in order to develop Makran beaches, makes our campus the guardian of the sustainable development of the country's marine industries.

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