Organic Geochemistry

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Lab: Organic Geochemistry

Supervisor : Mr Ahmad-Reza Rabbani

We are a leading provider of geochemical services appropriate to meet the needs of geochemists, petroleum geologists, petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, geoscientists, and environmental scientists. The Organic Geochemistry Lab supplies sample preparations besides analytical services. All analyzes are performed based on international standard procedures and in-house standards with the highest precision at the lowest time. We can hold learning programs or providing consulting services to academics or companies. Some of our services are as following:

Sample preparations:

Crushing samples

Removing oil-based mud and water-based mud contaminates

Drying samples (vacuum and atmospheric)

Solvent separation

Kerogen isolation

Extraction of organic matters (EOM)

SARA analysis

Ultrasonic bath

Distilled water

Liquid nitrogen

Analytical services:

Rock Eval6

Gas chromatography (GC)

Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS)

Pyrolysis- gas chromatography (PY-GC)


Elemental analysis (CHNS)

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