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The Study of Effective Factors on Wind Erosion while Presenting an Economical and Practical Biotechnological Method for Controlling Wind Erosion

 | Post date: 2020/09/26 | 
Seyed Mohammad Fatahi, a Ph.D. graduate of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology and executer of “The study of effective factors on wind erosion and controlling it by biotechnical methods” project said, “The dust phenomenon is one of the environmental threats in deserts and dry arears around the world. Being located in desert belt, Iran is also prone to dust hurricanes. Soil samples of 19 dust-generating centers were collected and various examinations including wind tunnel tests and mechanochemical tests of soil were carried out on them.”
It is noteworthy that 5 ISI articles and one invention have resulted from this study. Dr. Abbas Soroush, faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology was the supervisor of this project. Advisors were Dr. Ning Howang and Dr. Vladimir Ivanov.