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Reinforcement of Building Structures with Functional Fibers in Cement by Amirkabir University of Technology Researchers

 | Post date: 2020/10/13 | 
Dr. Vahid Ghorbani, a graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology and the author of the "Analytical & Experimental Study of Tensile Behavior of Double-Walled Fabrics and Bending of Reinforced Cement-Based Composites" stated: “Geologically, Iran is situated in the seismically-active Alpine-Himalayan belt. Therefore, the construction of earthquake-resistant structures is both important and necessary in this country as well as broadly around the globe.”
Ghorbani added: “The project consisted of two components. One was production and analysis of fabrics related to textile engineering, and the other, production and analysis of cement-based composites. Our intention is to utilize these structures in the production of fortified concrete. In this project, we used inexpensive materials that have zero negative impact on the environment, which were 30% more efficient in comparison to foreign samples (made from expensive materials).
AUT professors: Dr. Ali-Asghar Asgharianjedi, Dr. Hadi Dabirian and Dr. Ali-Akbar Ramezanianpour all took part in this project in various capacities (consulting, advising and etc.).