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A Smart Plan to Produce Gasoline & Petrochemical Products Cost-Efficiently / Replacing Petroleum with Abundant Natural Gas

 | Post date: 2020/10/13 | 
Dr. Isaac Moradian, an AUT alumni and director of " Study on the selectivity of light olefins in MTO process using SAPO composite nanocatalysts prepared by ultrasonic waves” project said: "Our country's gas resources are quite abundant and inexpensive. Hence, the production of petrochemical and fuel products (gasoline) via utilization of natural gas is very significant in preventing both the sale of raw materials as well as converting natural gas into higher value-added products.
This project has led to a patent, 3 ISI articles that were approved by Iran's National Elites Foundation and Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council and resulted to the signature of a contract with National Iranian Petrochemical Company.
Dr. Roueen Hallaaj and Dr. Sima Askari, AUT professors, as well as Dr. Parisa Moghimpour-Bijani of the Petrochemical Research Institute were advisors to this project.