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Construction of Multi-Phase Flowmeter for Measuring Oil, Water & Gas Flow Rate in Oil Wells Output

 | Post date: 2020/10/13 | 
Dr. Omid Khayaat, the project executer of the "Design & Construction of Multi-Phase Flowmeter for the Three-Phase Oil-Water-Gas Systems” project said: the implementation of this project is compliant with domestic production needs as well as the technological requirements of the petroleum industry. The prevailing sanctions are an opportunity to strengthen domestic industries and knowledge-based products.
He added: "In contrast to experimental phase separators, multi-phase flowmeters have distinct advantages. They are much smaller and weigh a great deal less. Additionally, there is no need for human intervention in the process of continuous and line measurement of multi-phase fluid flow rate. This is the first time such a project has been implemented and completed in the country. This product is TRL-5 (as far as technology readiness level) and is being prepared to be offered in the market commercially.”
Amirkabir University of Technology professor Dr. Hossein Aafarideh advised this project.