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Determining the Relationship between Brain Structure with Inter Group Changes in Different Individuals by AUT Researchers

 | Post date: 2020/11/17 | 
Considering the brain connections among different people, the Amirkabir University of Technology’s researchers have studied their relationship with differences among groups of individuals
Farzaneh Keyvan, a graduate of AUT and performer of the "MRI imaging to study the relationship between brain structure and function and their joint analysis" project, said: The innovation of this work has been in the basis of providing a systematic algorithm for determining group differences together in both structural and functional connections of the brain without any presuppositions in the method of doing the work. The continuation of this survey will be the study of various groups such as emotional, perceptual, behavioral differences as well as brain diseases.
This image indicates one of the structural and functional networks of the brain in two types, (a) functional (b) structural, which is related to the motor part and the “broca area” respectively.
The advisor of this project is Dr. Abbas Nasiraei M
oghaddam, a faculty member of the department of biomedical engineering and Dr. Patrick Hegman (Lausanne, Switzerland).