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Purification and Decontamination of Oil Sludge in Petroleum Product Tanks

 | Post date: 2020/11/17 | 
Extracted solid particles in crude oil that are stored in oil tanks, along with other compounds such as wax and water, form sludge viscous substances in the bottom of the tanks which is always a problem while reducing the capacity of the tanks and corrosion in different places. The high volume of this type of sludge and the lack of a suitable industrial solution, led us to cooperate with the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company to provide an industrial, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for purifying and decontaminating the sludge”, Javad Toghyani the executor of the “investigation of the effectiveness of combining different procedures of advanced oxidation (AOP) by biological treatment method of composting in the removal of pollutants of organic origin in the oil sludge of the National Company for Distribution of Petroleum Products " said. Javad graduated from Amirkabir University of Technology with a degree in Chemical-Environmental Engineering and is now a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology,
“By combining the Fenton chemical method with the biological composting method, the total amount of petroleum hydrocarbons was removed by about 99%; Also, using the chemical method of Electro Fenton, the removal rate of these compounds was about 100%.”, this researcher added.
It is worth mentioning that the supervisor of this project was Dr. Narges Fallah (Associate Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering - Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Chemical Engineering) and the industrial consultant of the project was Abdul Zahra Talebi from the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company.