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An Adsorbent for the Separation of Dye from Effluent was made at Amirkabir University of Technology

 | Post date: 2020/11/17 | 
Researchers at Amirkabir University of Technology have designed a polymer adsorbent that can be used to purify Sunset Yellow dye effluents and be used as a sensor to detect the dye.  
Sahar Foroughirad, a graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology and the executor of the project "Synthesis and study of molecular mold polymers based on halloysite nanotubes in the treatment of dye wastewater" said: "in this research, molecular mold polymers have been prepared in a new and efficient way. In addition to having high adsorption capacity of 35 mg/g and good separation speed of about 45 minutes, they have magnetic properties. This research has been done as a doctoral project for three years and three ISI articles have been published in prestigious foreign journals as a result of this research.
Stating that this project has no domestic and foreign samples, Sahar Foroughirad said: Polymer recovery capability, high adsorption capacity, fast absorption kinetics and easy separation capability are among the competitive advantages of this project.
It is worth mentioning that this research was conducted jointly between the paint concertation and polymer concentration in the Polymer and Paint Engineering Department of Amirkabir University of Technology and the supervisors of this project were Dr. Alireza Khosravi and Dr. Vahid Haddadiasl, the faculty members of this university.