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Announcement on the Use of NIMA E-Learning System

 | Post date: 2020/12/14 | 
Dear students and professors
Following some modifications in the browsers, the tips for using the NIMA virtual class system (lms.aut.ac.ir) until the end of the current semester are presented as follows:
  1. The download of the content and classes reserved for the students, insertion of announcements, definition of the compensatory class, the upload of contents, accessibility to attendance list, and visiting the reports of the classes for the professors are possible until the end of December through various browsers.
  2. Participation in virtual classes as an audience (without the need to broadcast audio) will be possible through various browsers and VC Desktop until the end of December.
  3. Participation in the virtual classroom as a lecturer (professor or student who intends to publish audio) will be possible through the Firefox browser and VC Desktop until the end of December.
Note: On some weaker devices, the Firefox browser may appear with Flash Player disruption, in which case it is recommended to use VC Desktop.
  1. The revisit of saved classes (without any time limit) is possible through VC Desktop.
  2. Participation in classes or exams after the end of December will be feasible through VC Desktop.
  3. The above points are for the current semester, and the information about the system will be updated in the next semester.