Gas Chromatography (GC)

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Device model: 6890 N
Manufacturer: Agilent
Country of manufacture: USA

Description of test

Gas chromatography is a physical method of separating materials in a mixture from each other, which is a very powerful technique considering the possibility of separating very complex compounds in a minimum of time. The result of this separation is the determination of the type and amount of components in the mixture. By converting the mixture into a gas and passing it through a static phase, its components are separated from each other. This method is very fast and simple and is used to detect impurities in a volatile substance.
This device is known as ERGA (Extended Refinery Gas Analyzer) due to its special arrangement of columns and how they are connected and has a special application. Advantage of GC The ability to combine this technique with other analytical devices such as mass and infrared spectrometry to identify isolated organs.
In gas chromatography, there are different detectors such as FID, TCD, etc., and Mass Detector‌ is the most specialized detector in gas chromatography.

Services available:

    Identification and quantification of refinery gases from C1 to C8 along with CO2, CO, O2, H2, and N2

Sample preparation

Samples are injected as gas or liquid.

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