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Supply of Sanctioned Automotive Polymers by University Researchers

 | Post date: 2021/01/9 | 
The director of the Office of Industry Relations of AUT, stating that the university has signed more than 300 billion Tomans (7 Million USD) of industrial contracts in the past 9 months, said: Production of material and equipment required by industries is the primary objective of the university this year. The leading projects of the university this year have been in the field of oil, information technology, Tehran subway as well as the automotive industry.
Dr. Malek Naderi continued: "In this regard, the Polymeer Engineering College of Amirkabir University of Technology is supplying raw material and special polymers for the automotive industry. These items are sanctioned, hence, university researchers provided these polymers. Specifically, they succeeded in making a giant hydraulic jack for the Sarooj Cement Company (designed and built for the first time in the country).”
He also announced the launch of the Skills and Employment Club (www.skillclub.aut.ac.ir) within the Industrial Relations Office. In this club, topics such as self-knowledge, financial resource management, negotiation techniques, interaction and team building, time management, etc., are taught.
Dr. Naderi, pointing out that Amirkabir University of Technology is ranked first in the country in the field of international patent registration, emphasized: Up to this point this year, 6 international patents have been registered by this university and Amirkabir University of Technology has about 30 internationally approved patents in total.