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Launch of Advanced Laboratory Services and Its New System

 | Post date: 2021/01/9 | 
The head of Specialized Laboratories and Technological Services stated: “our laboratories used to be distributed in a scattered manner throughout the university. As our first measure, we decided to merge these laboratories into three large laboratory complexes in Ibn-e Sina technology tower at Shahid Balavar St., aiming to improve the monitoring of the complexes’ performance and being closer to the knowledge-based companies residing in the university”
Complex number one is known as the “Elemental Analysis and Material Identification” complex containing X-ray, nanotechnology, quantometery, and advanced spectroscopy laboratories, while complex number two is known as the “Microscopic Laboratory” containing laboratories of transmission and scanning electron microscopes. Complex number three is known as the “Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory” containing laser material processing, rapid prototyping, ultrasonic technology, chemical machining, industrial automation, and finite element modeling and simulation laboratories as well as an industrial photography studio.
Unveiling the New Version of Laboratory Services System
Dr. Mohsen Khajeh added: “Amirkabir University of Technology’s internet system of laboratory services was launched at http://lims.aut.ac.ir/ in 2018. We have tried to provide researchers with a strong database of university laboratories’ services through this portal and develop a context for students and professors to offer laboratory services. Enhancing shared experiences with foreign countries was also among the aims of this portal.