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Color and Polymer Research Institute of Amirkabir University of Technology

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Email: cprcaut.ac.ir

Phone:  +982166418600

Fax:  +9821 66418601

Address: No. 1, Naeini Dead-end, Saeed Alley, between Valiaser and College cross-sections, Enghelab Street, Tehran, Iran.

Website (in Persian): https://cprc.aut.ac.ir/


Director: Dr. Aliasghar Sabbagh Alvani

Faculty Members: Dr. Manouchehr Khorasani and Dr. Zahed Ahmadi

Principle Investigators:

-  Hasan Samei.

Educations: PhD of Polymer and color engineering.

Expertise: Photo catalyst and renewable energizes.

-  Reza Salimi:

Educations: PhD of Polymer and color engineering.

Expertise:  Advanced nanomaterials and Photo catalyst.


Color and Polymer research center of AUT was established in 2003 aiming to align industry and university in the field of color and polymer. After about two decades since the start of its activity, color and polymer research center of AUT, as a competent authority, have currently gained trust of industrialists and activists in its filed; while taking big and effective steps in raising the country’s scientific and industrial level.  Educating expert workforce in MSc, PhD and post-doctoral degrees, conducting cutting-edge research projects, collaborating with first-rate foreign and domestic universities and research centers, offering laboratory and quality control services, conducting international  workshops and  conferences , producing technical science and elimination of  specialty barriers in production and operational processes, conducting the country’s required industrial projects, and collaboration with organization and production companies are among the main activities of this research center. With 12 years of experience, this center is the specialized reference of road-marking paints in the country.




·         Specialized laboratory of road-marking paints and road signs.

·         Quality control laboratory of color and resin.

·         Laboratory of analysis and characterization (luminescence spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy and DSC testing).

·         Color and resin production laboratory (equipment: mixers with various rotation speeds, oven, thermal mantels, magnetic heater and stirrers with thermal sensor, high speed centrifuge, vacuum glove box).

·         Print and Packaging laboratory.

·         Laboratory of photo catalyst and renewable energies (equipment: high temperature furnace with oxygen- hydrogen or neutral atmospheres, magnetic heater-stirrers with thermal sensor, vacuum glove box, sunlight simulator, determination of IPCE efficiency).

·         Laboratory of polymers mechanical properties.


Laboratory and Product Approval Services

- Road-marking paints and road signs.

Industrial paints.

- Building paints and concrete facade.

- Polymer floorings.

- Printing inks.

- Advanced nanomaterial.


Journal of Advanced materials and Novel coatings ( AMNC)

Journal of Advanced materials and Novel Coatings (AMNC) is one of the four journals which are published as quarterly by Iranian Scientific Association of Paints aiming to publish the newest achievements of the country’s researchers in all fields related to material science including nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, polymer and medical engineering. This journal has been approved by the Islamic republic of Iran’s Ministry of Science Research and Technology. This journal is currently published with the efforts of color and polymer research center of AUT and is one of the distinguished journals in material science area of expertise.