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Amirkabir University of Technology Researchers Successfully Produce Flexible Electricity Harvester (With Ability to Charge & Assess Equipment)

 | Post date: 2021/02/1 | 
Mr. Mohammad Sajjad Sarayani-Baafeghi, PhD student at the Textile Engineering department of AUT and the project executer of "Practical & Theoretical Analysis of Electricity Harvester from Polyvinylidene Fluoride Fiber Layers" said: One of the key material utilized to produce intelligent fibrous structures are Piezoelectrics - material that can convert electrical and mechanical energy into each other.
The AUT researcher stated: "The main purpose of this study is to determine what the useful life of these intelligent material, especially in converting and flexible sensor applications are. Moreover, in this research, a mathematical model based on the basic relationship of piezoelectrics has been presented, providing the possibility of predicting, analyzing and optimizing the performance of fiber systems produced from piezoelectric polymers.”
He continued: "Initially, a piezoelectric property evaluation device called PiezoTester was designed and built for the first time in Iran. The outcome revealed that in continuous cycles, the properties enhance and improve and do not decrease. In the last stage of the project, a mathematical model was proposed, for the first time establishing a relationship between the structural properties of the fiber layer, mechanical properties of fibers and the piezoelectric properties of material.