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Recovery of Valuable Elements from Anodic Copper Sludge/Acquisition of Technical Knowledge for Production of Natural Pigments from Automotive Sludge & Red Soil of Hormuz Island

 | Post date: 2021/02/1 | 
Dr. Maalek Naderi, an AUT professor and director of Gaam Laboratory, stated regarding the "Recovery of Valuable Elements from Anodic Copper Sludge Using Hydrometallurgy Method" project: “for the first time in the world, utilizing the hydrometallurgical method, various gold, silver, copper and selenium compounds were obtained from copper anodic sludge in temperatures below than 90° C with an efficiency of more than 95% as well as commercial purity. It is currently in the process of patent registration in the United States. In Iran, we have received 3 approved patents and one is awaiting approval.
Dr. Arash Ghaazitabaar, an AUT PhD student, and project associate pointed out: “the production of selenium in two forms of selenium sulfide (health grade) and metal selenium (industrial grade) has been accomplished for the first time in the world in a manner that can be generalized to other sources of selenium.”
Dr. Naderi, project manager of "Production of High Purity Red Pigment from Red Soil of Hormuz Island" said: "from the red soil of the beautiful island of Hormoz, between 50 to 60% hematite (iron oxide), pigments with a purity of 85% hematite and 95% hematite with Iranian red and Indian red colors was produced.”
In addition, Dr. Arash Ghaazitabaar, a Gaam Laboratory specialist, stated regarding the "Production of White Titanium Dioxide Pigment from Car Paint Sludge" project: “the environmental problem of car factory effluent, which is car paint sludge, was solved in this project with a clever solution. In this project, valuable compounds of titanium dioxide as white pigment and alumina powder - main sources of aluminum production - were fabricated with commercial purity. It is notable that this is Dr. Naderi's project and Dr. Ghaazitabaar is the project manager.