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Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

 | Post date: 2021/02/6 | 
The department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME) at Amirkabir University of Technology currently gathers 21 faculty members, 10 administrative assistants, 3 research fellows and more than 600 students together. The mission of this faculty is education and research in various fields of engineering materials and metals. With the aim of training competent and qualified graduates for job positions in the field of metal extraction, processing and recycling of engineering materials, manufacturing processes of engineering components and products, and novel applications of material science and engineering. The department’s curriculum is offered in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. Various research and industrial projects, national projects and new ideas in the field of materials engineering, along with industrial cooperation and support, forms another part of the activities of the department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. In addition to education and research in the fascinating world of materials, student activities and various gatherings and events are held at the faculty of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, which adds to the vitality of the faculty's scientific atmosphere.