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Investigation: Complex Hydraulics of Mountain Rivers

 | Post date: 2021/02/21 | 
An Amirkabir University of Technology researcher succeeded in determining the energy consumption in step-pool sequences of mountain streams.
Abbas Torabi-Zadeh, a graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology and project manager of the "Field Hydraulic Assessment of Energy Flow & Depreciation in Step-Pool Sequences of Mountain Streams" project, said: "Measurement of geometric & hydraulic parameters in step-pool sequences, especially when the river is situated in a valley & the river walls are high is very difficult & almost impossible. Therefore, a relationship that can be utilized to measure the speed, geometric & morphological parameters of a step and energy dissipation between two steps is very helpful.
Alluding to the features of the project, he stated: "Utilizing the relationships revealed in this study, only by having the water depth on the steps and the height of the steps, we will be able to see the water depth in the pools, the speed of water hitting the water surface in the pool, the length of the pool, water flow rate in the next step, energy dissipation between the two steps and etc.”
He added: "Utilizing relationships proposed in this study to prepare a computer program for predicting flow characteristics in step-pool sequence intervals of mountain streams will be the next phase of this project."
It is worth mentioning that Amirkabir University of Technology Professor Ahmad Taher-Shamsi was the advisor of this project.