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Manufacturing Hydrogels for Medical Industry & Industrial Wastewater Treatment

 | Post date: 2021/03/10 | 
Sara Taraashi, an Amirkabir University of Technology PhD student and manager of this research project which was implemented in the form of a doctoral dissertation under the guidance of Dr. Hossein Nazkadast from the department of Polymer Engineering referring to the use of hydrogel synthesis with double network structure as an innovative method in this project said: in preparing the desired hydrogels, carrageenans were used as a natural temperature-sensitive polymer to form a physical network and acrylic polymers were used to form a chemical network. Nanocomposites of hydrogels containing graphene oxide were also synthesized and studied.
She added: “The findings and observations of this study revealed that the prepared hydrogels have very favorable tensile and compressive mechanical properties, produce significant hysteresis and acceptable fatigue resistance. In addition, due to the enhancing function of graphene oxide and the temperature sensitivity of the physical network of carrageenans, these hydrogels demonstrate special self-healing ability and toughness reversibility efficiency of up to 97%.
Dr. Sadifiyan, a Kashan University College of Chemical Engineering Professor collaborated in parts of this project.