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“The Most Bitter Smile” a Novel by an AUT Qraduate

 | Post date: 2021/04/3 | 
Dr. Rahim Fatoorehchi (Ph.D. of biomedical engineering at the Amirkabir University of Technology), published the novel "The Most Bitter Smile".
"The mission of this book was to portray the advantageous and difficulties of different paths that students would face during their education, especially engineering students who have to make choices to continue their scientific path as well as their personal lives.” He mentioned.
"One of my main concerns in this book is the issue of immigration of our country's educated elite, which has numerous positive and negative consequences for themselves and their families as well as the country," Fatorehchi added.
For more information and to purchase the digital or paper versions, please visit “http://www.yun.ir/talkh”.