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Intelligent Mechanized System of Transport Infrastructure Health Monitoring

 | Post date: 2021/04/13 | 
Researchers at the Amirkabir University of Technology have successfully developed a smart system that can provide data of road status indicators.
Evaluating the operational status of pavement as well as its service and maintenance planning using a rapid, standard, correct, and precise data gathering of road conditions lowers the cost of pavement life cycle by 75%, stated Dr. Amir Golroo, a faculty member of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of AUT.
He continued that the most significant purpose of this plan is to deliver pavement condition data gathering systems at 120 km/h, and provide pavement efficiency metrics (such as roughness, coarseness, grooves, and pavement failure condition), and prioritize preservation, repair, and budget planning activities. "In this respect, we have developed a framework that will entail web-based management reports," he added. If optimum preventive operations are proposed and applied using this scheme, the country's transport infrastructure can save more than 11,000 billion Tomans per year, or 300 million Tomans per kilometer road maintenance savings are obtained, which play an important role in economic savings and effective resource utilization at the national scale.