Research Fields

 | Post date: 2021/04/25 | 
The Institute of Advanced Textile Materials and Technologies (ATMT) is established in 1985 by the Amirkabir University of Technology with the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as the "Research Center for Synthetic Fiber and Textile Industries". In 2008 this research unit upgraded to the Institute for Advanced Textile Materials and Technologies (ATMT) by deepening its research and education activities to advanced technologies such as nano and bio and advanced materials such as composites and the development of activities upstream and downstream textile industries (clothing, leather and petrochemicals to improve the quality of synthetic fibers and ...)  and now it continues to operate as an important Institute in advanced textile materials and technologies sectors.

The mission of the ATMT is to expand applied and developmental researches, in order to enhance the level of competitive advantage and increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness the country's textile and clothing industries

  • Development of scientific relationship between university and industry based on mutual natural needs
  • Upgrading the scientific and technical strength of the textile industry and transferring technical knowledge and advanced technologies to them
  • Expand and / or create new fields for the use of textiles and the production of new textile products
  • Improving the practical level of academic research and commercializing and implementing them
  • Training and / or promotion of technical and specialized knowledge of experts and researchers required by the country's textile and clothing industries

The main goals of the research institute as follows :
1- Education and research in new and advanced fields in the field of textile and clothing engineering
2- Conducting applied and developmental research in various fields of textile and clothing technologies based on real needs or created in the industry
3- Expanding the applications of academic research through:
1-3 Transferring the needs of industries and other institutions to university professors in order to make the subject of research more practical
2-3 Establishing communication and research cooperation and consulting with domestic industries, domestic and foreign research institutes and government organizations in order to transfer research results to them.
4- Strengthening the research strength of researchers and experts
5 Upgrading technical knowledge and updating industry information through:
5-1 Publications (books, pamphlets, specialized publications, etc.)
5-2 Holding specialized conferences and seminars in various fields of textile and clothing industries
5-3 Holding training and retraining workshops for managers and experts in the textile and clothing industries
6- Participate in decision-making for governmental, non-governmental and private bodies related to the textile industry

7-Central equipment to provide all scientific, professional and laboratory services required by the country's textile and clothing industries in order to promote the competitive advantage of the textile industry as the most important industry with a history and position in the country