Completed Projects

 | Post date: 2021/04/25 | 
Completed Projects:
  • 70 projects supporting the completion of dissertations at master and PhD levels required by industrial and mining units of industrial and mining sectors in the field of textile engineering.
  • Access to technical knowledge creating temporary color coverage on fibers in order to allow simultaneous production of the dark wool - polyester mixtures with fast detection capability in the spinning and weaving process.
  •  Identification and selection of target industry for users of adsorbent acrylic fibers and its limited production in industrial scale
  • Production of polyester fibers with specific cross-sectional area to increase the cooling of clothing.
  • Production of piezoelectric string using electrospinning method for producing cloth that transforms mechanical power to electrical power.
  • Study and research on fabric and clothing with specific fiber cross sections
  • Preparing an initial sample of disposable fabric pots
  • Research and presentation of mechanism for creating a common brand for the products of plastics industry based in the industrial parks in Tehran.
  • Production of natural Nano-fabric composite structures similar to body tissue for applications such as cell planting scaffolds
  • Production of Nano-fabric composite structures for smart identification of poisons and chemical agents
  • Increasing the cooling level of clothing using fiber cross sections
  • Production of nanofiber composite that make energy in wearable microelectronic equipment.
  • Producing yarn from electrified fibers
  • Research to optimize the type and composition of the required finishing material to fireproof polyester-acrylic fabric
  • Developing the country 's clothing industry development strategy