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Manufacturing Ultra-Toughened Cutting Edges

 | Post date: 2021/05/5 | 
Scholars at AUT have managed to make all-ceramic-composite ultra-though cutting edges for the first time in the world. Behzad Nayebi, a Ph.D. graduate in material engineering, composite, stated that “methods based on powder metallurgy are the only way of making this group of ceramics. Composite fabrication is among the main methods of increasing these composite’s mechanical properties. Thus, it was decided in the present project to use this solution to overcome the weak mechanical properties of the parts in the first step”.
He mentioned the composites designed through this project and said, "These ceramics provide a composition of extremely high hardness, resistance against thermal shocks, and chemical durability which creates a wide range of potential applications for them. Parts with a similar application are either made from diamonds and tungsten carbide which are quite expensive or are manufactured by applying coats of ceramic on steel parts which result in extremely limited durability.
It must be mentioned that this project has been completed under the supervision of Dr. Nader Parvin, Associate Professor of the Department of Materials Engineering at AUT and Dr. Mehdi Shahedi-Asl, Associate Professor at Mohaghegh Ardabili University.