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A Project Seeking to Produce Intelligent Electronic Textile

 | Post date: 2021/05/5 | 
AUT researchers have initiated a project to develop intelligent electrical textile aiming to build flexible super-capacitors. Marjan Barekzehi- an AUT graduate and the project manager- stated, "a flexible fabric-based super-capacitor was produced by coating graphene and polypyrrole optimally using a gel electrolyte with a 1.1cm-2 surface size in this project. This tool generates a surface capacity of 230 mF cm-2, which is considerable among textile-based flexible tools.
It is worth mentioning that the results of this dissertation carried out with the collaboration of the Science, Material, and Nanotechnology Center (SMN) and University of Oslo (Norway) have been published in two ISI articles in Electrochimica Acta Journal and one scientific research article in the Journal of Textiles and Polymers.
The project’s supervising professors include Dr. Majid Montazer and Dr. Farhad Sharif, professors and faculty members at AUT. Professor Troles Norby and Dr. Athanasius Chatzitakis from the University of Oslo contributed to this research project as well.