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Phased Array Receiver Capable of Digitally Adjustment in the 60GHz Frequency Band

 | Post date: 2021/06/7 | 
Dr. Majid Yaghoubi Zanjani, a graduate of The Amirkabir University of Technology and the project manager, said, “the WiFi technology has a limited speed and cannot be applied for transferring huge amounts of data; for this purpose, the WiGid standard with a much higher speed has been defined in the IEEE institute. We have designed an energy-efficient phased array receiver chip so that it can be used in smartphones and laptops.”
Concerning the characteristics of the project, he said, “the main characteristic of this receiver is changing the combined phase in the radio and oscillator path, which has been exploited for the first time. This characteristic has significantly reduced the power consumed by the receiver. Other characteristics of the chip include high power efficiency, high sensitivity, high resolution of the phase, and the capability to be digitally adjusted. The main advantages of the project include its energy efficiency and the small size of the chip (0.93mm2). In making the chip, its compact area is quite important since it reduces production costs and makes it very desirable for mass production.”
The project has been conducted under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Ghafourifard, Dr. Mohammad Yavari (faculty members of AUT), and Dr. Shahriar Mirabbasi (UBC university in Canada). In addition, Milad Haqqi Kashani (Ph.D. candidate in the University of Toronto, Canada and a graduate of AUT) has cooperated in conducting the study.