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Introducing an Economical Method for Monitoring the Surface of Roads

 | Post date: 2021/06/7 | 
Researchers in The Amirkabir University of Technology have developed a system that can facilitate the monitoring of the coarse texture of asphalt superstructures using the sound of the interaction of tires and road surfaces. Mohammadreza Ganji, a Ph.D. graduate of AUT, stated, “friction on the surface of roads is a major parameter related to the safety of roads and the coarse texture is influential in this regard. Our system includes the use of a vehicle equipped with overly sensitive microphones and can present the indicators related to the coarse texture of adjacent layers by using the acquired sound and processing that using signal processing methods and the developed models.”
The project has been supervised by Dr. Amin Golroo and advised by Dr. Hamid Shikhzadeh (faculty members in The Amirkabir University of Technology). the project is the result of a joint effort by the Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Lab (ATTAIN) of the Department of Civil Engineering and Multimedia Signal Processing Lab (MSRPL) in the Department of Electrical Engineering in The Amirkabir University of Technology.