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By the AUT Graduate at Mahshahr Campus; Manufacturing Hydrogen Purification Catalyst for Refinery and Petrochemical Industries

 | Post date: 2021/06/7 | 
Farhad Keyvanimehr, a graduate of the Mahshahr branch of The Amirkabir University of Technology, and the manager of the “Modifying the Hydrogen Purification Process Using the Mixture of Metal Oxides” project, said, “in refinery and petrochemical industries, a process called “Hydrogen Purification” is applied to separate impurities from petroleum and the related products.”
He stated, “in this study, we managed to manufacture hydrogen that not only deeply eliminates the polluting compounds but also increases the quality and value of the product. Thus, it can obtain environmental standards and at the same time – unlike commercial catalysts that degrade the quality of a product – enhance the quality of the final product.” 
With regard to the applications of this project, he said, “the production of clean fuel for automobiles, power stations, and vessels according to the EURO5 and EURO6 standards, purifying different sections of petroleum to be used in petrochemical industries, increasing the quality and value of products in processing industries, hydrogenation of Olefins compounds to prevent catalyst poisoning in downstream processes, localization of the technological knowledge, and the possibility for manufacturing the strategic catalyst of hydrogen purification are among the features of this project.” 
The project has been supervised by Dr. Sajjad Habibzadeh (faculty member of The Amirkabir University of Technology).