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Using Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Technical Issues in Oil Fields

 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
Mohammadreza Mahdiani, a graduate of AUT, announced, “using our model in oil fields results in higher profits, protects the reservoirs, modernizes oil fields, and assists the Iranian oil industry in regional and global competition.” In addition to preventing the “instability” phenomenon, the model constantly controls the injection and production parameters so that the highest profit can be obtained from an oil field. Capability of being used in different oil fields, connecting to the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, and using metaheuristic and artificial intelligence methods so that the model can improve its performance automatically in a constant manner are some major characteristics of the project.
The project has been supervised by Dr. Ehsan Khamechi and Dr. Abolfazl Souratgar (faculty members of AUT).