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Why Us?

 | Post date: 2021/07/11 | 
Deciding to visit Iran as a student can open up a whole new world, filled with unforgettable memories and life changing experiences. We assure you it is beyond all the stories you have heard about Iran and what you have seen in the media.
There is no denying that you will be challenged in understanding the educational system as well as interacting and communicating with people around you. For most, it will be a surrounding different from what you are used to in your daily lives back home, adapting to the new culture can be both fun and intriguing.
If you find math and science exciting and are determined to envision and implement solutions to the main challenges we face these days, we invite you to join us at AUT and enhance your knowledge of engineering.
The International office is made up of multi-lingual staff, and it is our job to make sure your time at AUT is as problem free as possible.
For a complete list of our programs please visit our website at aut.ac.ir under Faculties and Programs.