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 | Post date: 2021/07/11 | 
The fastest way to Travel in Tehran’s heavily trafficked roads is by the subway. The Subway in Tehran is extremely effective. It runs frequently from 5:00 a.m. to midnight and is very cheap and can get you anywhere in Tehran.
Taxis are also available everywhere, but make sure you haggle your price before getting in the cab. Snapp is the “Iranian Uber” and a cheap way to move around. However, you can only use the application if you are connected to the internet and can spot where you’re headed to on the map, so if you can purchase an Iranian SIM Card, Snapp would be a good option.
Also, there are many bus lines for commuting around the city; however, the subway would easily replace that for you.

Taking the chance to study in a different country with a different education system can be a big challenge. Each society has a different culture, our culture is based on the social behaviors and norms of the society we live in, these behaviors are expressed in different forms, some of which are; religion, food, clothing and even political backgrounds and stepping outside this world that we are used to can create upsetting emotions and anxiety.
If you find yourself feeling this way, make sure you contact the international office and speak to the advisors. Tell them how you are feeling. Experiencing culture shock is completely normal so don’t feel shy about expressing your feelings and let us help you enjoy your time at AUT. You can make an appointment with our two international student advisors.

Islam is the official state religion in Iran which means it is a country respecting Islamic rules. One of these rules is the “Hijab” for women which is not observed very strictly, especially for tourists and foreigners, however as a visitor you are required to abide by the rules and follow the dress code in the public.
For women:
  • Being outdoors would require wearing a scarf or shawl to cover your hair
  • Loose shirts, tunics, cardigans and Manteaus
For Men:
  • Sleeveless shirts and shorts are not allowed outdoors in Tehran, however feel free to dress so if you happen to visit Kish Island.
*Please note that contrary to some belief, there are no color restrictions for neither gender.
*Places like mosques and shrines require full “Hijab”, full clothe covering is often available on the site for visitors or you may purchase one at an affordable price.