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 | Post date: 2021/07/17 | 
WHEN TO ARRIVE?                
As soon as your visa procedure is in place you should start your travel arrangements. It is advised to arrive a few days prior to the start of your program to settle in and get enough rest before starting. 
If you are going to fly to Iran you can use Tehran’s international Airport, the Imam Khomeini Airport. Once you arrive at the airport you will go through certain procedures before you can leave and enter the city. You should follow these instructions carefully:
  1. Have your passport and any necessary visa/health documents ready for inspection by an immigration officer.
  2. There will be two queues to go through for passport control, use the one for “foreign visitors.”
  3. After passport control, you can collect your luggage. The luggage will be unloaded onto one carousel system, wait at the carousel which displays your flight number and departure airport.
  4. Once you have collected your luggage you must pass through customs. You will be guided to pass through the green channel (nothing to declare) unless asked otherwise. The customs officer may ask you to check your luggage, in such situations cooperate with the officer and open your luggage.

Exchange students can request a pick up service from the airport.
There are also airport cabs available which will get you to your destination at a fair rate once you have landed at Imam Khomeini Airport.
Below is an approximate guide to the minimum amount you should expect for living expenses in Tehran. The Iranian Rial has weakened over the past few years. Please check the exchange rate before planning your trip.

Student housing  4,000,000 to 5,000,000 Rial ≈ €20 (Per month)
Insurance 500,000 Rial ≈ €3 (Per month)
Other things you should budget for:
  • Trips/sightseeing/souvenirs
  • Visa renewal fees (if applicable)
  • Exit permit fees (if applicable)
  • If you wish to open a bank account you can easily do so by taking a copy of your passport (first page + entrance stamp and visa) to one of the banks, we recommend Mellat or Tejarat, both of which have branches operating within the campus. The bank will need 24 hours to receive a confirmation code.
  • This way you will have a debit card which can be used everywhere without the hassle and worry of carrying large sums of cash. Of course, like anywhere else in the world you can use an ATM to withdraw money whenever you need to.
  • Please note that the office of international affairs has a safe in place in case you don’t want to convert all of your money at once and don’t have a safe place to keep it in.  
  • Please remember that you cannot receive cash from ATMs in Iran with your foreign card, therefore bring enough money to cover your expenses.
  • Apart from the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are no common diseases or viruses in Tehran. Make sure your routine vaccines are up to date. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required for residents of countries with risk of yellow fever transmission. Always carry your personal medicine with you.
  •  Though students are advised to have international insurance upon arrival, they will be required to register with a local insurance as well.
  • You are able to put in the request through the international office as soon as you arrive in Tehran