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Incoming Exchange Students

 | Post date: 2021/07/17 | 
 Incoming Exchange Students
To apply you must:
  •  Have completed at least one semester of full-time university courses
  •  Be registered at a university in your home country
  •  Submit your letter of request along with a copy of your passport and transcript to intrelaut.ac.ir
*Please note that visa application must be done at least three months prior to starting date
What can you study?
AUT has the following Departments and programs. To learn more about each program please check the department website.
Department of Industrial Engineering: (
  • “Industrial Engineering”, “System optimization”, “Socio-economic Systems”, “Engineering Management”, “Financial Engineering”, “Innovation and Technology Management”, “Logistics and Supply Chain Management”, “Health Systems Management” and “Project Management”
Department of Management: (https://mst.aut.ac.ir)
  • MBA, Master of Philosophy of Science, Master of E-Commerce, PhD of Technology Foresights, DBA, PhD of Energy Management
Department of Mechanical Engineering: (https://me.aut.ac.ir)
  • Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical-Manufacturing Engineering, Applied Design, Energy Conversion, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Welding Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering: (https://ae.aut.ac.ir)
  • Aerospace Engineering, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Flight Dynamics-Control, Aerospace Structures, Space Engineering and Satellite Technologies, Aeronautical Engineering
Department of Maritime Engineering: (https://marinetech.aut.ac.ir)
  • Maritime Engineering, Naval Architecture-Ship Structure and Naval Architecture-Ship Hydromechanics
Department of Chemical Engineering: (https://chemeng.aut.ac.ir)
  • Chemical Engineering, Thermokinetic and catalyst, Transport phenomena, Nanotechnology, Food industry, Biotechnology, Environment, Separation process, Process design
Department of Textile Engineering: (https://textile.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Textile Engineering, Textile Technology and Technical Textiles, Textile Chemistry and Fiber Science, Garments and Textile Management, Nano-Technology
Department of Polymer Engineering: (https://polymer.aut.ac.ir)
  • Polymer Engineering, Polymer Processing, Polymerization, Color, Nanotechnology
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering : (https://mme.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Extractive Metallurgy, Characterization and Selection of Metallic Materials, Welding and Corrosion
Department of Electrical Engineering: (https://ee.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Control, Power, Electrical and Communication Engineering, Energy Management, Mechatronics Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering: (https://ce.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Computer Engineering, Computer Systems Architecture, Software, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Computer Networks, Secure Computing (Information Security), and E-Commerce.
Department of Biomedical Engineering: (https://bme.aut.ac.ir)
  • Biomedical Engineering, Bioelectric, Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Sport Engineering and Tissue Engineering.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: (https://civil.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Construction Management Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic and Water Engineering, Engineering and Water Resources Management, Environmental Engineering, Road and Transportation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Coastal, Ports and Offshore Engineering
Department of Mining Engineering: (https://dme.aut.ac.ir)
  • Mining Engineering, Mining Exploration and Mineral Processing, Mining Exploitation and Rock Mechanics, Tunneling and Underground Spaces Engineering
Department of Petroleum Engineering: (https://petroleum.aut.ac.ir)
  • Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering, Exploration engineering, Drilling and Petroleum Equipment Engineering
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science: (https://math.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics
Department of Physics and Energy Engineering: (https://phee.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics; Optics and Lasers; Condensed Matter; High Energy Physics; Astrophysics and Cosmology, Photonics Engineering, Energy Engineering
Department of Chemistry: (https://chem.aut.ac.ir/)
  • Applied and Organic Chemistry, Physics and Inorganic Chemistry, and Analytical and Nano Chemistry

Summer School Programs
AUT offers diverse programs with practical workshops. We usually offer these programs in three week periods over the summer.

We offer internship to students who request it. If you are interested in doing an internship at AUT please email
Costs & Aid
  • Students from partner universities can join us for a semester or two free of charge.
  • Depending on the number of applicants, dormitories will be available on demand.
  • Students will receive one free meal per day at the university cafeteria.

Credit transfer
Consult with your home institution regarding transfer of AUT coursework.

AUT grading system is different from ECTS academic credit system used in Europe. According to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, the grading system at Amirkabir University of Technology is as follows:
  •  The evaluation of students in each course is based on their attendance in course sessions, activities in the classroom, assignments, and the results of the mid-term and end-term examinations.
  •  Students in each course are evaluated by marks between 0 (minimum) and 20 (maximum).
  •  The minimum grade required for passing at bachelor, master and PhD level courses are 10, 12 and 14 out of 20, respectively. A student who fails in any course is required to repeat it at the earliest opportunity. The mark conversion table to ranking system is categorized as below:
Iranian Grading System Grade Description U.S. Grading Equivalent
16-20 4 A
14-15.9 3 B
12-13.9 2 C
10-11.9 1 D
0-9.9 0 F

Health insurance
Please contact the international office for arranging your health insurance policy for the duration of your program before arriving in Iran. 


Once registered you are eligible for housing at AUT dormitories. AUT provides over 100 rooms within walking distance of the campus. All rooms are self-catering with access to shared kitchen and living spaces. All rooms are furnished, have Wi-Fi and have shared bathrooms. Any special or medical needs should be stated within the application along with medical evidence. Request for on campus accommodation must be made via email at intrelaut.ac.ir with the following subject line: DORMITORY.
Average monthly cost of rooms are €30per month, which is waived for students whose institutions have bilateral agreements for supporting this program.
Dining is also offered at the university cafeteria free of charge for students from partner universities with prior agreement. 


Academic Calendar
You may find our academic calendar at


Mentorship Program
Students that have applied to do research or an internship at AUT will be assigned a mentor.
Other students doing classes will be paired with an AUT student to help them around during their first weeks.

Arrival Checklist
Before you arrive:
  • Apply for university housing if you would like to stay on campus.
  • Check your visa status and ensure you have relevant documents with you.
  • Complete your course planning.
  • Plan your budget and bring cash.
  • Plan your housing payments. 
  • Prepare for your studies.
  • Pack your suitcase.