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 | Post date: 2021/07/17 | 
Students from all nationalities must apply for a visa before travelling to Iran.
You should start your visa application process 3 months prior of your intended date of arrival. To prevent any problems or delays in your application, you should make sure that you meet all requirements and contact the nearest Iranian embassy, or consulate to find out how much time they would require for issuing your visa once you have received a reference number.
How to apply:
  1. Visit Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology’s site at http://saorg.ir/8081 to complete the form related to obtaining a student visa
  2. Send the following documents to m_kariaut.ac.ir and inteduaut.ac.ir
    1. Copy of passport
    2. Passport photo  
Successful visa applications:
Once your visa application is processed and has been successful you will be contacted by the university with a reference number to refer to the Iranian Embassy nearest to your city of residence.
Unsuccessful visa applications:
If you have been refused entry clearance, DO NOT travel to Iran.
Once you arrive in Tehran you must arrange with the international office to extend your student visa for the duration of your stay. For this process you will need four passport photos and the international office will help you complete the necessary forms.